Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lirik Lagu Agnez Mo - Movin' On

Setelah tadi Ranwik ngasih bocoran lirik lagu "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" yang sering dibawain oleh Agnes Monica, kali ini Ranwik mau ngasih bocoran lirik lagu 'Brandy' yang juga pernah dibawain oleh Agnes baru-baru ini (Di Acara Java Jazz Festival 2014).
Lets, check this out.!!_^

 Agnez Mo - Movin' On

So if the role (so if the role) don't fit me
Got to be movin' on

I be a typical kind of girl
Wasting my time
That ain't my style
See I'd rather be occupied
Always trying to keep my mind

Pointing to a higher place
I can have anything I want
I been told the day I was born
So I make sure everyday
That I don't let nothing hold me back
Got to be on track
I gotta move


So if the role don't fit me got to be moving on
Cuz if it don't work for me
Guess I'll be movin' on

Hey I could take liberty
But that would cause me a change
And that aint' my thang
Cuz I don't to stand with the crowd
Only true to myself
Don't have a follow to no one else
Not trying to be alone
But if the fact doing wrong
Got no problem leaving the room
Don't feel no sympathy
At least not for me
Cuz I know just what I am going to do
I gotta move


Keep Movin' on
Keep Movin' on
Keep Movin' on and on


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