Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lirik Lagu Agnes Monica Feat Timbaland - Coke Bottle [Single Internasional]

Lirik Lagu Single Internasional Agnes Monica @AgnezMo Feat @Timbaland - Coke Bottle

AgnezMo :
I got dollars, can you imagine?
They givin' love to the Independent woman.
I'm VIP, so they can't see me.
I'd be like dang, and other tryna hit on.. Me.

But I just doing ah... Me don't care about 'em.
It's like I'm on the cloud, me don't care bout 'em.
DAMN, I got it from my mama, I thank her everyday.
Everyday they keep their eyes on me.

I gotta admit, he know that he know that.
He prolly has low chance. But he keep lookin lookin,
For that there, That he can get a little try (ge-ge-get a little try)

I see you're lookin' in my curve, Coke Bottle (2x)
I got that bong, some bong, song plug me like a rubberband (2x)

Can you pop it? Like a rubberband on that Tip or me.
Can you drop it to the floor? Then bring It back to me. (To me)
The man in them world (the world)
(I missed this part)
That curves make me go crazy.
That's what's it be. It's in thang.

Oh coke bottle shake, screamin' my name.
But, wait wait, she say she got a man.
The way she move it, move it, move it got me in the train.
I gotta, I gotta tell her that I'm a fan. (Yes sir)

Agnez Mo:
Last car, you never catch me.
He lookin high, he need a neck break.
Is it cause operator know where is official ahyeah or me.

Agnez Mo:
Imma get it real good, make it go back and forth
Imma get it real good, make it go side to side

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