Monday, 3 September 2012

Lirik Lagu Agnes Monica ( Temperature )


Oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww… push it up
 Oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww..oww… gonna wasted up

 (blablablablablablablabla..) Shiny you pushing hand, don't you wanna..
 Safe and tidy matching in your heels, I want to make it even hotter..
 Ain't you ladies and you guys, I seem like the only that will make you wonder..
 Don't you know cause this song keep it up regret no more, ain't got whole the town..

 Aaa... Aaa... Aaa... I'm good you know
 Is it hot? Or is it me? Don't you like to competing? Try to keep on boy!!

 It's a Temperature...
 I will use to him be wanna risk on fire..
 It's a Temperature...
 What you see, what you heard, make you hot hot hot..
 Push It Up, Temperature...
 I will use to (Bhonk..) wanna risk on fire..
 It's a Temperature...
 What you think, what you mean, make you down down down..

 Push you up.. Hooow.. Hooow..
 Hooow.. Hooow..

 I wanna people take on the seat better make party good time (I'll push it up)..
 I can't tell you Will I ready, I can see you straight flame burning in your eyes..
 Oh, you're the one right now to come with whom I'll fire out..
 Is it hot? Or is it me? I know you wanna compete, Try to keep on boy..

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