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Profil Singkat Song Hye-Kyo

Name : Song Hye-kyo
Date of birth : November 22, 1981
Registered birth date : February 26, 1982
Profession : Actress, Model
Height : 161cm
Weight : 45kg
Blood type : RH+A
Talent agency : SidusHQ

Education : Sook-Myung Women's Junior High School (graduated), Eun-Kwang Women's High School (graduated), Se-Jong University (did not finish)  
Family : Only daughter
Religion : Christian
Debut : 1996 SunKyung Smart (school uniform brand) model search Grand Prize winner, 1996 KBS Sunday morning drama, "Happy Morning"  
Habits : Plays with nose whenever she feels awkward or embarrassed.
Nicknames : Wookpecker (because she talks fast), Hejgyo, Yookgyo, Hakkyo (means 'school' in Korea; her name sounds like 'hakkyo' when pronounced at once)  
Pets : 5 puppies
Her most memorable dramas : Autumn Tale (2000) and Full House (2004)
Most memorable movies : The Promise, The Letter, Motorcycle Diaries, Troy, etc.
Famous best friends : Shoo (SES), Lee Jin and Sung Yuri (FinKL)  
Motto : Rather than trying to be the best, try to do your best.  

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